Monday, September 29, 2014

Tuesday Trail Ramble 9-30 6:15pm

Tuesday Trail Rumble
9-30 6:15pm

Join us on the trails. The fall colors in full swing! The temps are great in the early evening! And the trails have never been in better shape! We meet in the parking lot of Three Rivers Park District - Lowry Nature Center at 6:15pm. It's the Twin Cities Marathon taper week, what a great taper!!

Lowry Nature Center

Friday, September 26, 2014

Trail Running Weekend 9-27 and 9-28

Two Long Runs, Back to Back
Saturday 9-27 and Sunday 9-28

Join in on part of each, or both!

Saturday 9-27 at 7:30am
Lowry Nature Center in Victoria

The trails are in great shape! The pace is going to be slow and steady (not really sure about the steady part). The group will loop back to the parking lot a few times during the 3 hour event so you are welcome to join in at the beginning or at 8:30 or 9:30 and just show up and get on the trails and the chances are good you will run into the group of crazies.

Nature Center with Map

Sunday 9-28 at 8:00am
Murphy-Hanerhan Park
Surf the Murph Location

If you want to pre run the course or at least parts of it, join us on Sunday morning at 8:00am in the main parking lot. We will grab some water, some food and a map and see what happens. The plan is to go slow for a couple hours; walk the big hills and run the rest of the course. The weather looks perfect and the Vikings don't play until later in the afternoon so you can still catch the game. Shaping up to be a great weekend of fun and fitness.

Murphy-Hanerhan Park

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Week Ahead 9-22

Tuesday Trail Night
9-23 6:15pm
Lowry Nature Center
We meet in the parking lot of the Lowry Nature Center at 6:15pm before heading out for a ramble through the woods and meadows. The trails are in great shape with new wood chips installed and all the brush cut back. There will be routes of 3-4-5 and 6 miles. The nicest part of Lowry is how it is designed; the loops all come back to the center. No matter what speed you travel, you are bound to run into someone from the group. We all go for about an hour or so and then the fun begins!

Thursday Team RED Metro Bootcamp
9-25 6:00pm
Snap Fitness Maple Plain
Join us for some fun at the Maple Plain Snap Fitness. We do an interval training boot camp style group that includes; treadmill, climbmill, Lateral X, TRX, dumbbells (not only the members), and tons of sweat! We go all out for about an hour! It truly is a lot of fun!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Tuesday TRAILS!!!

Tuesday 9-16
Lowry Nature Center Victoria MN

Join us at Lowry Nature Center for a fun trail fitness event! We meet in the parking lot at 6:15pm and then head off onto the trails. The trails are in great shape with fresh wood chip and gravel in areas. There are 3-4 and 6 mile groups so there's a group for every fitness level. The days are getting shorter so don't mess out! Bring a head lamp if you have one because by the end of the night you may need it. After the fitness (you can take your head lamp off) we will find some fun some place (we always do)!!

Lowry Nature Center

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Nickel Dickle 5K and Half Marathon 9-13-14

OK, here we go; the TEAM RED Metro results from the Nickel Dickle 10K and Half Marathon yesterday.
Mike Mason 55:47
Sandy Ramsey 59:24 (PR for a 10K!)
Roxy Soll 1:01:32 (1st in her age group!)
Rich Mayer 1:02:45 PR (First road race, EVER!)
Half Marathon
Chris Ramsey 1:42:24 (Course PR)
Everyone had a great showing!

Monday, September 8, 2014

A List of Upcoming Events

Tuesday 9-9-14, 6:15pm
Trail Fitness Event
Awesome trails; tons of fun!
Lowry Nature Center

Wednesday 9-10-14 6:00pm
Makes you strong and fast!
No Snap membership needed

Maple Plain Snap Fitness

Thursday 9-11-14 6:00pm
Circuit Training
Cardio, Strength and Core
No Snap membership needed
Maple Plain Snap Fitness

Saturday 9-13-14 
Nickle Dickle 5K, 10K and Half Marathon
Still time to register!
Waconia, MN
Nickle Dickle Days

Saturday 9-13-14 8:30am
Run, Hike + Waffles 
Gear West Ski and Run
Great fun on the trails and
Yummy waffles upon return!!
Gear West

Planning ahead?
Solomon Autumn Race Series
10-1-14 and 10-15-14

Gear Western
Half Marathon and 5K
Gear Western Country Half Marathon and 5K

Monday, September 1, 2014

Short Week.... Fun Week!

Tuesday 9-2
Trail Fun

Lowry Nature Center in Victoria is a great place for a trail run/walk/hike. It's got gravel and wood chip trails, a few springy bridges, a couple hills and tons of really pretty views. Plus best of all; on Tuesday evenings the place is filled with a bunch of fitness people out there getting their sweat on! Join us for a truly fun time. You can go for 2-3-4 or 6 miles and see plenty of wildlife. Afterwards we tend to head into town and take over a local place for a few laughs.

Lowry Nature Center

Wednesday 9-3
Kettlebells at Snap Fitness Maple Plain

Join us for some great strength training that includes core work. One thing most runners miss out on is strength training so this class is a must. We have been doing it for two weeks now and let me tell ya; it's a lot of fun while getting a great workout! You don't have to be a Snap Fitness member to join in on the fun. The first class is FREE!!!

Thursday 9-4
Circuit Training at Snap Fitness Maple Plain

Come on out to Snap Fitness Maple Plain for an hour of super fun (and sweaty) circuit training. We do: elliptical, lateral X, climbmill, treadmill, row machine and bike. You can do anything for 3 minutes, RIGHT???? Plus at the end we toss in upper body strength training just for fun!! Just like kettlebells, you don't have to be a Snap Fitness member to join the fun!

Maple Plain Snap Fitness