Monday, May 15, 2017

This Week 5-15-17 to 5-21-17

This Week
5-15-17 to 5-21-17

Tuesday 5-16-17 6:00pm Surfside in Mound because Roxy! Hit a few miles on the path and roads. Plan on the parking ramp a few times to get some elevation. Afterwards plan on some Surfside.

Thursday 5-18-17 6:00pm Lowry Nature Center in Victoria. Woods or paved (dogs allowed only on paved). Afterwards we have been heading into Victoria. So plan on that!

Saturday 5-20-17 8:00am Ox Yoke Inn on 92 in Independence. Out and back on the Luce Line Trail. After the fitness enjoy some great breakfast!
Also on Saturday; Superior Spring 25K and 50K, can I get a little "HECK YEAH!" Good luck to all running that one!

Monday, May 8, 2017

The week ahead 5-8-17 to 5-14-17

The week ahead
5-8-17 to 5-14-17

Tuesday 5-9-17 6:00pm Wolsfeld Wood in Long Lake. 6th Ave N, Long Lake, MN 55356 Meet in the Trinity Lutheran Church parking lot. Mike is planning on taking all that show up on a tour of these awesome woods! Afterwards I'm sure there will be some fun had someplace.

Thursday 5-9-17 TBD 
Saturday 5-13-17 8:30am Surfside in Mound. Hit the streets and paths in and around Mound. Surfside serves up a mean breakfast! Looks to be a great time

Monday, May 1, 2017

This week it should warm up! 5-1-17 to 5-7-17

This week it should warm up!
5-1-17 to 5-7-17

Tuesday 5-2-17 6:00pm Let's put a little Lowry in your step. Lowry Nature Center in Victoria, meet at the visitor's center parking lot. Some will do paved and others will do trails. Afterwards we will all have a little fun in Victoria.

Thursday 5-4-17 TBD

Saturday 5-6-17 8:30am
Ox Yoke Inn on 92. A ramble out and back on the Dakota trail. Afterwards plan on a great breakfast at Ox Yoke!

Saturday 5-6-17 is also the Minnetonka Half Marathon. Enjoy!!