Monday, June 27, 2016

6-27-16 to 7-3-16

Here's what's happening this week
6-27-16 to 7-3-16

 Tuesday 6-28-16 6:00pm St. Boni. Looks like a total Grumpy Night!! Grumpy's that is. Meet at the Dakota Trail head by highway 7 ped bridge. Take on a few miles of the Dakota trail then return to St. Boni and head to Grumpy's for some fun and yum.

 Thursday 6-30-16 6:00pm We are going to Enki in Victoria for a good gravel trail run/hike. Afterwards enjoy the excellent patio at Enki and have a few laughs.

 Saturday 7-2-16 For all that are not doing or cheering Afton Trail Race. Meet at the Ox Yoke Inn in Independance for some shadey miles on the Luce Line. Ox Yoke also has some of the very best breakfast around (just sayin).

Sunday, June 19, 2016

This week 6-20-16 to 6-26-16

This week 6-20-16 to 6-26-16

Tuesday 6-21-16 6:00pm Surfside in Mound then hit the Dakota trail. It's looking like the heat will be gone so let's have some fun! After the fitness let's enjoy a cool beverage in Surfside.

Thursday 6-23-16 6:00pm Enki in Victoria. LRT towards Excelsior and back. Afterwards enjoy a bit of Enki outdoor seating.

Saturday 6-25-16 8:00am Lake Rebecca in Delano. Stay on the bike path or head out on the horse trail.  When we finish ripping the trails up let's head to Delano Lanes for some grub.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

6-13-16 to 6-19-16

Well here we go.....
6-13-16 to 6-19-16
The weather is looking great this week!
It's T-Shirt week, bring your $ for your shirt!!
Tuesday 6-14-16 6:00pm (5:30pm pre-load) Its a Grumpy day! Meet at the Dakota trail head in St. Boni (right by the ped bridge that crosses highway 7). Head west (or east, it really doesn't matter). After the fitness head into St. Boni to Grumpy's for the best dang pizza this side of the Mississippi.

Wednesday 6-17-16 6:00pm Endless Summer Trail Race at French Regional Park in Plymouth, heck yeah! If you like nature, and you like to run/hike; do not miss this one. Super fast track!

Thursday 6-16-16 6:00pm Lowry Nature Center in Victoria, followed by Enki!! Most fun you can have in the woods with your clothes on.

Saturday 6-18-16 8:00am Floyd's in Victoria!! Have a yummy breakfast and even yummier bloody; no wait, probably should run first. Head out on the LRT for some great running first! Then head to Floyd's!

Saturday 6-18-16 Gramda's Marathon in Duluth MN.

Torchlight 5K July 20th - This is a fun, fast course! - Starts at the Bascillica, runs along the Torchlight parade route and finishes crossing the fantastic Stone Arch bridge near the Guthrie Theatre.  At the finish line, Live Music and Free Beer! 

  • USATF Minnesota 5k Championship- Torchlight 5k
    • Race Registration is $30 until race day. (A discount of $10-$15 adult pricing.)
    • No discount code necessary, register for the USATF 5K Championship in order to be scored and timed in that category - MUST have a USATF membership # and associate with Team R.E.D.
    • Receive a preferred start!
    • If 25 people register and chip in $25 each - we can charter a bus!  If 30 register the cost drops to $20 a head! 
Twin Cities 10 Mile Oct 9th - The Shortcut to the Capitol! All the fanfare of a 10,000 person event, with 16.2 less miles than a marathon!  This race is typically Lottery Only - however, as a USATF member tied to Team R.E.D. you can receive guaranteed entry!  - Members who run this race gather near the giant American Flag on John Ireland Blvd and enjoy each other as we wait to cheer on our marathon friends! 

By following these directions you will be entered in the USATF Minnesota Team Circuit and
receive $3 off your registration fee.
  • Register by July 1st:
  • Invitation Code: 16TC10TEAMCIRCUIT
    • A Registration Type will appear highlighted in red: USATF Team Circuit Choose this registration type and click “Continue.”
    • It is mandatory that you fill in your ten digit 2016 USATF number.
    • You will need to select Team R.E.D. from the dropdown menu.
    • Complete the registration and payment information.
    • You will receive a receipt from imATHLETE to the email address indicated on your registration confirming your registration.
    • You will receive a separate Econfirmation with information about the race.
    • If you have any questions please contact

Sunday, June 5, 2016

This week 6-6-16 to 6-12-16

This week
6-6-16 to 6-12-16

Tuesday 6-7-16 6:00pm (5:30pm pre-loading) St. Boni, Dakota Trail head by the highway 7 ped bridge. Head west or east, just be back in time to head to Grumpy's by 7:15pm.

Thursday 6-9-16 6:00pm Carbonies in Mound parking lot. Run the Dakota Trail, yes this is the second time on the Dakota Trail this week but just in a different spot! Afterwards enjoy some fun in Carbonies; its hoagie night, yum. 

Saturday 6-11-16 8:00am Ox Yoke Inn (in Independence) parking lot. Head out on the Luce Line for some fun. After the fitness enjoy some of the best breakfast around at the Ox Yoke Inn!!

Sunday 6-12-16 8:00am Lake Rebecca in Delano. Horse trail run. Loop or loops or part loops; you pick. See you there!