Monday, March 27, 2017

This Week 3-27-17 to 4-2-17

This Week
3-27-17 to 4-2-17

Tuesday 3-28-17 6:00pm Lowery Nature Center in Victoria. There's woods, there's wood chips, there's paved, and there's fun! Afterwards there was a request to head into Waconia for some Iron Tap fun.

Thursday 3-30-17 TBD 
Saturday 4-1-17 8:30am Lake Rebeca Park in Delano. The paved loop is looking mighty tempting to some while the horse trail is calling to others. Either way, afterwards we will head to Delano Lanes for breakfast!!

Monday, March 20, 2017

The Week 3-20-17 to 3-26-17

The Week
3-20-17 to 3-26-17

Tuesday 3-21-17 6:00pm Lowry Nature Center in Victoria. Looks like it could one of the last dry days this week so we should take advantage and get some trail miles in. Afterwards we will head to Victoria and check out Floyd's.

Thursday TBD.

Saturday 3-25-17 8:30am Afton! Yep Afton. Miles of hills and river views. Should be a fun time!! Afton offers plenty of trails to explore either hiking or running. Bring a change of shoes because I am sure we will find some place fun to stop afterwards.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

This Week 3-13-17 to 3-19-17 New Stuff!! New Stuff!! New Stuff!!

This Week
3-13-17 to 3-19-17
New Stuff!! New Stuff!! New Stuff!

Monday 3-13-17 6:00pm
Lowry Nature Center (Yes! Monday). Bring your Snow shoes and Running/Hiking shoes because we just never know how this weather is going to work out. We will do a loop or two in the woods. After the fitness we will head over to Floyd's! 
Tuesday 3-14-17 6:00pm Grumpy's night! Meet at the Dakota Trail Head in St. Boni by the ped bridge that crosses highway 7 (also by St. Boni community center). We will do a little snowy out and back. Afterwards we will head up to Grumpy's in down town St. Boni. 
Thursday 3-16-17 TBD
Saturday 3-18-17 8:30am Lake Rebeca in Delano. Trail Mix preview! Horse trail loops, plus some single track if we can. (Or if you want, you can stay on the pavement). When we finish we will all head to Delano Lanes for some breakfast.

Monday, March 6, 2017

This Week 3-6-17 to 3-12-17

This Week
3-6-17 to 3-12-17

Tuesday 3-7-17 6:00pm. Lowry Nature Center in Victoria. I am thinking the woods would be a good place to get out of the wind for some miles. The temps might be dropping but that never stops us. Meet in the visitors center parking lot. There may be a some folks wanting to stay on the paved path and others wanting some wooded miles. Either way we are going to Grumpy's afterwards!!

Saturday 3-11-17 8:30am (two locations for fun). Ox Yoke Inn in Independence right on 92. Miles on the Luce Line (east or west) followed by some great breakfast!! Or Afton State Park for long miles with hills, rocks and mud. Afton is always a great place to be.