Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Week of 10-12-15 to 10-17-15

All paces welcome and encouraged!!

Tuesday 6:15pm at the city park in Waconia, followed by Iron Tap. Plenty of hilly small town miles.

Thursday 6:00pm at Lowry Nature Center in Victoria, followed by Enki and pizza from Fresh next door. Fun times. 

Saturday 8:00am at the Ox Yoke Inn. Dakota Trail run then yum.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

This Week 10-5-15 to 10-10-15

This Week 10-5-15 to 10-10-15

Tuesday 10-6-15 Waconia city park 6:15pm. A few miles in and around town. Pace and distance will vary but we never vary on the fun!

Thursday 10-8-15 Meet us in Mound starting from Carbone's parking lot at 6:00pm. Enjoy the Dakota Trail to the west for some fun miles. (some folks are heading to Ashland early for Whistlestop and won't make it)

Saturday 10-10-15 Get out to the Ox Yoke Inn and run the Luce Line. Meet at 8:00am in the Ox Yoke lot. Plenty of gravel and views!! (some will be racing and funning and can't make it, but I thought I would post a spot for those who are in town to gather)