Monday, June 26, 2017

The Week Ahead 6-26-17 to 7-2-17

The Week Ahead
6-26-17 to 7-2-17

Tuesday 6-27-17 6:00pm Home Host Roxy!! 1305 Lange Wood Dr. We will hit some gravel and once around the track because you can't run past a track and not run it. Bring something to pass and what you want to drink.

Thursday 6-29-17 6:00pm Lowry Nature Center. Woods or paved. Plan on an hour of fitness followed by a couple hours of fun in Victoria. Cool temps mean the bugs will fly slower (totally made that up).

Saturday 7-1-17 8:00am For those staying in town for the weekend; Ox Yoke Inn (again!!). Out and back for a bit on the Luce Line. Afterwards grab some breakfast, extra yum.
Saturday 7-1-17 Afton 25K and 50K

Monday, June 12, 2017

The Sauna 6-12-17 to 6-18-17

The Sauna
6-12-17 to 6-18-17

Tuesday 6-13-17 6:00pm St. Boni Dakota Trailhead by the Highway 7 ped bridge. Looks like it will be steamy so bring water and adjust your pace and distance if needed. Bring water for your puppies too! When you are done sweating replace your fluids at Grumpy's in St. Boni.

Thursday 6-15-17 6:00pm Lowry Nature Center in Victoria. The bugs have not been bad yet...... yet. There are a few dear fly patches left. Bring it!! After the fitness we will figure out a little fun, maybe ENKI?

Saturday 6-17-17 8:00am Lake Rebecca by Delano. 8:00am. Do the paved one or two times! 8:00am. Afterwards head to Delano Lanes for some breakfast! 8:00am.