Wednesday, July 30, 2014

This Week:

Tuesday Trail: 
7/29/14 6:15pm
Join us at Lowry Nature Center in Victoria for a fun night of trails! It's always a good time. Paces will vary; run, run/walk, hike, stroll, crawl (those last two might invite a few more bugs than you want). Its not going to be hard to get a sweat on!! Lowry is great because the trails are all wood chips are gravel and they all connect; there are loops of 1 to 3 miles and the total miles range from 3 to 6 miles. Go for an hour and meet us back in the lot to decide where we want to go for refreshments.

Thursday Team R.E.D. Metro: 
7/31/14 6:00pm
Gear West / El Parian Mexican. Join us for some fitness and some fun! We will meet in the True Value parking lot next to El Parian Mexican Restaurant in Long Lake. We won't even have to cross Highway 12 for our fitness. Afterwards we will enjoy some great food and fun!! We will do an out and back, so any pace you move at is welcomed and encouraged. Runners, walkers, run/walkers can all head out together for 25-30 minutes and spin around and head back. The only rule is to HIGH-5 folks as you pass on the way back! Get there early to do some shopping at Gear West, great deals to be had!!

Saturday Run, Hike + Waffles: 
8/2/14 8:30am
Join us at 8:30am at Gear West for some crazy fun. It's all about getting your fitness on! Run, run/walk, walk its all good. This week HOKA will be there letting us try their shoes! If you ever wanted to try the highly cushioned HOKA, this is your chance. You can stay on the paved/gravel and or head into the woods for some single track fun! Its muddy and buggy but worth it!! There are even a couple creeks to cross. You can go as far as you like, 3-4, up to 8 miles. After your fitness, get back to Gear West for Waffles and Coffee and a few laughs.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A little core work

Core work is the key.