Sunday, July 31, 2016

Here comes a week of FUN! 8-1-16 to 8-7-16

Here comes a week of FUN!
8-1-16 to 8-7-16

Tuesday 8-2-16 6:00pm Surfside in Mound. Hit the Dakota Trail for a bunch of fun miles! Afterwards return to one of our sponsors Surfside! Fun Stuff!

Thursday 8-4-16 6:00pm Enki in Victoria, LRT to Lowry Nature center loop. Bug spray and hydration may be needed!

Saturday 8-6-16 AFTON!! There's a 7am start for long run. Another start time at 9am for runners and hikers. 1pm the BBQ begins in the picnic area (look for the Doran Truck). Send Chris or Sandy a message if you want to bring something. 

Sunday 8-7-16 8:00am Lake Rebecca in Delano. Meet by the big play set for some fun loops!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Week 7-25-16 to 7-31-16

The Week 7-25-16 to 7-31-16

Light Week for Gathering

Tuesday and Thursday are going to be "run on your own" days. You are always welcome to message Chris or Sandy about meeting up for a run. 

Saturday 7-30-16 8:00am Floyd's in Victoria for a trip to Lowry Nature Center via the LRT. Super pretty loop with a deep solar powered well for water bottle refills. Afterwards; yep, Floyd's!!

Sunday 7-31-16 8:00am TBD. But will be on the trails someplace fun.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Here comes the HEAT!! 7-18-16 to 7-24-16

Here comes the HEAT!!
7-18-16 to 7-24-16

 Tuesday 7-19-16 6:00pm Surfside in Mound. Hoping all the sidewalk and curb construction is finished!! Nice easy ramble down the Dakota trail. Bring hydration and slow it down if you need to. Afterwards its Surfside!

 Thursday 7-21-16 6:00pm Enki in Victoria. Head out the LRT and turn into to Lowry Nature Center loop. Nice rolling hills, super pretty views and HOT!!! Things you may need; deer fly tape, bug spray, some sort of hydration ...and most of all an attitude of getting your outdoor fitness in no matter what! Return for refreshments at Enki. 

 Saturday 7-23-16 8:00am Lake Rebecca Park right outside of Delano. The weather will have broken by then so a good mornign for some easy miles. The loop is right at 7 miles. Once, Twice or Three times! Afterwards head into Delano to the Delano Lanes for some breakfast!

 Sunday 7-24-16 Send Chris a message and we will figure out a run some place.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

OK, here's the hot and humid week ahead. 7-11-16 to 7-17-16

OK, here's the hot and humid week ahead.
7-11-16 to 7-17-16

Tuesday 7-12-16 6:00pm We are going to visit Surfside! Meet in the parking lot. We will head toward the Dakota Trail for a nice and smooth ramble. 

Thursday 7-14-16 6:00pm HILLS!! The hill work out was such a hit last week, why not do it again. This week, we are going to meet at the city park and run to the sledding hill. Afterwards lets head to Iron Tap!!

Saturday 7-16-16 8:00am Ox Yoke Inn. Luce Line Long Run! Go and Go and Go!! Return for a great breakfast!

Sunday 7-17-16 8:00am Lebanon Park In Eagan. 25 miles is the plan. Join us for all or part of this fun run! 

Remember to support and visit our sponsors;
Docherty Incentives & Meetings
Surfside Bar and Grill in Mound
Iron Tap in Waconia
TC Running in Eden Prairie and Maple Grove

Monday, July 4, 2016

Short week 7-4-16 to 7-10-16

Short week
7-4-16 to 7-10-16

Tuesday 7-5-16 6:00pm. Surfside in Mound. A little Dakota trail action! Afterwards join us for some funning and  yumming!

Thursday 7-7-16 6:00pm (5:30pm preload). Waconia city park between 1st and Main on Pine street. We are going to head down towards the lake and do some hill repeats on the sliding hill!! Bring your puke buckets. Afterwards we will ramble down to Iron Tap.

Saturday 7-9-16 8:00am (7:00am pre load) Floyds in Victoria and the LRT trail. The plan is for 6 to 15 miles depending on what you are up for! Yes Floyds!

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