Monday, November 24, 2014

It's a Turkey of a WEEK!

Trail Run
Tuesday 11-25-14 6:15pm
Snap Fitness Maple Plain
The snow has melted and the trail is nice and dry. It's going to be a little chilly so bundle up and let's hit the trails! Bring your head lamps because with the snow all gone the wooded areas will be mighty dark. The plan is a nice easy 4 to 6 mile run to be followed by fun and laughs.

Turkey Burn
11-28-14 11am and 2pm (either or BOTH)
Snap Fitness Maple Plain
Join us to cook off some of that yummy turkey you had on Thursday. We will be having a cardio, strength and sweat fest at the gym. We set up as many stations as we have people and we work for 2 minutes then take 30 seconds to change stations and so on and so on for an hour. Its a lot of fun and its guaranteed to get your fitness level up!

Mound Run
11-29-14 8:00am
Anytime Fitness Mound
Join us for a fun time on the road/trail. We leave from the Anytime in Mound for a 6-7 mile run. Bring your pup along if you would like; "who let the dogs out?" The pace is usually pretty steady around the 10 minute mile area. Grab your warm clothes and lets get our fitness on!!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Saturday Morning Run From Anytime Fitness in Mound

Join us at 7:45am this Saturday (11-21-14) at the Anytime Fitness in Mound for an early winter scamper. It will be around 6 miles on the roads/paths and the group will cruise along at a 10-11 minute mile pace. It is shaping up to be nice weather and a great time!! Don't miss this one if you are around.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Tuesday Trail Shuffle 11-18-14

Join us at Maple Plain Snap Fitness at 6:15pm on Tuesday for a headlamp snowy trail shuffle. The woods keep wind down so the temps are super nice (ok just kidding, its pretty dang cold, but super fun!!) Leave your ear buds at home so you can hear the crunch of your fellow runner zooming down the trail. There's a 4-5 and 6 mile group so its totally up to you how far and how fast you go. And don't forget there is free popcorn across the street after!!