Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hey hey Team RED Metro! This week 8-29-16 to 9-4-16

Hey hey Team RED Metro!
This week 8-29-16 to 9-4-16

Tuesday 8-30-16 6:00pm Surfside in Mound. Meet in overflow parking lot. We will head out towards Wayzata on the Dakota Trail and back. After the fitness comes the fun! Hang out at Surfside for some chow and laughs!

Thursday 9-1-16 6:00pm New Place, New Place! Olives in Excelsior 287 Water Street, Excelsior, MN 55331. We can park in the lot behind the Suburban to access the trail and walk over to Olives after the run/hike. We will run the LRT for a bit and return to Olives for pizza and fun! 

Saturday 9-3-16 8:00am Ox Yoke Inn in Independence. A little Dakota trail action. It's a perfect start to the holiday weekend! Out and back. Afterwards; yeah Ox Yoke Inn! Best ever!!

Monday, August 22, 2016

The Week Ahead 8-22-16 to 8-28-16

The Week Ahead
8-22-16 to 8-28-16

Tuesday 8-23-16 6:00pm It's a Grumpy's night! Meet at the Dakota Trail head parking lot right off of Highway 7 (by the ped bridge) for a nice ramble on the Dakota Trail. Afterwards head up the Grumpy's for a few laughs and great pizza! Yeah the service is crappy but so is the food! Just kidding... NOT

Thursday 8-25-16 6:00pm Waconia City Park at Pine St and Main St. Right downtown Waconia. We will do some miles on the not so busy streets and bike paths in and around Waconia. Afterwards we can head over to the Iron Tap on Main St for some fun!

Saturday 8-27-16 8:00am in Victoria. Meet in Floyd's parking lot. We will head down to the LRT trail for an out and back and around and over and under. Oh heck just get some miles in! After the fitness join the fun in Floyd's and watch all the folks stopping in to pick up their vehicles from the night before. After all that Mike is hosting a house party at his place. More details to follow.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Week 8-15-16 to 8-21-16

The Week 8-15-16 to 8-21-16

Tuesday 8-16-16 6:00pm Surfside (yeah again!). Doing the Dakota Trail then funning at Surfside! Miles are Miles!!

Thursday 8-18-16 6:00pm Enki in Victoria. Out on the LRT to Lowry Nature Center Loop. Hills. Bugs. Breezes. FUN. Afterwards enjoy some fun at Enki!

Saturday 8-20-16 7:00am Longer Run, 8:00am Long Run, 9:00am Regular People Run. Lake Rebecca Park in Delano. Plan on some loops and some fun! Afterwards plan on Delano Lanes for breakfast and a few laughs!! Remember Delano Lanes opens at 10:00am.

Sunday 8-21-16 Run Long or Short or Rest on your own.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Holy Cow; Where Is Summer Going?!?! 8-8-16 to 8-14-16

Holy Cow; Where Is Summer Going?!?!
8-8-16 to 8-14-16

Tuesday 8-9-16 6:00pm Surfside in Mound. Let's have some fun on the Dakota Trail towards Mound this week. Always a fun night! Afterwards let's hang at Surfside for a few laughs!

Wednesday 8-10-16
Endless Summer Trail Race at Highland in Bloomington. Great way for mid-week miles. This is the last one of the year. If you missed the sign-up; I am sure they need volunteer help.

Thursday 8-11-16 6:00pm Enki in Victoria for some easy miles on the LRT before the weekend! 

Friday 8-12-16
Ragnar Starts and goes thru Saturday!

Saturday 8-13-16 Ox Yoke Inn for anyone around. The Luce Line Trail offers some great running/hiking with beautiful views along the way. Afterwards; Ox Yoke Inn has some of the very best breakfast around.