Monday, April 27, 2015

The Week Ahead 4-27-15 to 5-2-15

Last week was a hoot! Thanks Team RED Metro (and Mother Ship!)!
This Week (4-27-15 to 5-2-15) is shaping up to be BEAUTIFUL!

Tuesday Run and Fun Night
4-28-15 6:15pm
Meet at the Snap Fitness Maple Plain for a fun fitness event around Baker Park! The Baker Park Loop is just over 6 miles and there are a couple hills to add to the fun. Go fast or take your time, either way you end up at the same spot! If the whole loop is a bit much you can always to an out and back. After the fitness there's plenty of fun to be had at Monnie's with free popcorn and good food!

Wednesday Core/Abs and Cardio Boot Camp or Run
4-29-15 6:00pm and 6:30pm
Snap Fitness Maple Plain
Join us for a fun Core/Abs class. Core is the key to good health and athletic stability. After the core/abs class stick around for a cardio boot camp or go for a run at Baker Park. Plenty of options and plenty of fun!

Thursday Run and Fun
4-30-15 8:00am
Meet in the Snap Fitness Parking Lot and we will pick a place to run. Depending on weather; we can do Luce Line, Dakota Trail out of Mound or just whatever people are up for. We usually try to get 6-8 miles. Fun times as all our running/hiking events are!

Thursday Excelsior Running/Brewery
4-30-15 5:45pm
Excelsior Running
Followed by Excelsior Brewery
I hear they go about 3-4-6-8 miles depending on the group.
Be a good one to check out!!

 Saturday Lake Rebeca Park Delano
After Home Hosted Party at the Raskin's house in Delano
5-20-15 8:00am
Meet at the parking lot by the giant play ground. There's options of one loop or more loops of 6.5 miles. Each loop can be on the paved or the horse trail' you can pick. After the fitness we will have some fun at the Raskin house. Lee is having egg bake so plan on bringing something to share. Should be a great day!!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Sunday 4-26-16

The guy who will be running across Minnesota in May is joining us this Sunday for those who don’t want to do Afton... 

Join us this Sunday morning for our group run. Followed by free waffles.

Run starts at 9:00am 
Gear West Ski and Run


This Sunday Morning
Julio Salazar of Breaking The Stigma will join us

Julio started Breaking The Stigma a year ago to use running events as a way to advocate for those suffering from mental illness. In early May of this year Julio will start a  run across Minnesota as part of Breaking The Stigma. Come run with Julio this Sunday and learn more about The Breaking the Stigma project. 


Call Gear West with questions

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Week Ahead 4-20-15 to 4-26-15

    The Week Ahead 4-20-15 to 4-26-15

    Tuesday Run and Fun
    4-21-15 6:15pm

    Lowry Nature Center in Victoria (ask Dave and Judy for directions)
    Join us for a fun scamper thru the woods and meadows. The trails are in great shape, gravel to wood chips to dirt paths; all are super ready for ya!! The routes can really vary from 3-4 miles to 6 plus depending on how everyone is feeling. After the run, the fun will be at Floyd's in Victoria.

    Wednesday Core and Cardio
    4-22-15 6:00 and 6:30pm

    Come on over to Maple Plain Snap Fitness for a great core/abs class followed by a good time cardio group. Core/Abs starts at 6:00pm followed by the cardio at 6:30pm. And remember its $1 taco Wednesday at Monie's!

    Thursday Noon Run
    4-23-15 Noon

    Meet to Maple Plain Snap Fitness and we will figure out where we should run. Most of the time we go about 4 to 6 miles and a reasonable pace. We can do the Luce Lice or Baker Park or wherever the group feels like.

    Saturday Run/Hike
    4-25-15 8:00am Mound

    Meet at Anytime Fitness in Mound for few miles on the Dakota Trail or bike paths in and around Mound. (We have options!!!!) There’s always fun to be had when we run. I am sure there will be a plan to gather afterwards at some place for a few laughs and breakfast.

    Saturday Light Up the Night for Heroes 5K Run 4-25-15
    Jacque B’s Kitchen and Cocktails 211 Buffalo Ave N, Montrose, MN

    Registration and Check-in 7:30-8:20pm
    Race Begin at 8:30pm…/2015_Light_Up_the_Ni…

    Sunday Afton Trail Run
    4-26-16 8:30am

    Rumor has it there may be a run going on.
    Details to follow soon!!

Monday, April 13, 2015

This Week's Running and Funning Opportunities 4-13-15 to 4-18-15

It's Trail Mix this coming Saturday so some folks may (or may not) be on taper. Although taper doesn't mean doing nothing it does mean taking it easy and not pushing hard during running workouts. So if you happen to be tapering, consider joining the group events and taking it easy. 
Tuesday Running/Hiking/Walking
4-14-15 6:15 at Carbone's in Mound 

We will head west on the Dakota Trail for a bunch of super flat speedy miles. The weather is shaping up to be just about perfect so don't miss out on this spring time early evening run. After the run plan on enjoying some food and pre-planning the weekend racing and running. 
Wednesday Core and Cardio Night
4-15-15 Maple Plain Snap Fitness 6:00pm and 6:30pm

Join us at Maple Plain Snap Fitness for Core/Abs class of a half hour followed by some fun times on machines to get a low/no impact cardio workout. (You don't have to be a Snap Fitness Member to join in on the fun!) There may be a small group that goes for a 40 minute run at the same time as the cardio class (maybe, hehe). After the fitness don't miss the fun and free popcorn and $1 tacos across the street.
Thursday Trail Run Training
4-16-15 noon Maple Plain Snap Fitness and Baker Park 

The plan is to do a loop (or part of it) on the horse trail that circles Baker Park. The total loop is right at 7 miles and is in great shape. We want to get on this trail before the horses rip it up in a few weeks. 
Friday Shake-out run
7:30am 110 Parking Lot for the Luce Line (ask if you need directions)

Nice easy 4-5 miles on the Luce Line for anyone who wants to join in. We will do a little walking and running and talking about the awesome time some will be having at the Trail Mix race Saturday. 
Saturday Trail Mix Race
Saturday Running and Funning 

Details coming soon

Monday, April 6, 2015

Rain Rain Go AWAY!! 4-6-15 to 4-11-15

Looks Like a Rainy Chilly Week Ahead........ Oh Well, Let's RUN!!!!
4-6-15 to 4-11-15

Tuesday 4-7-15 6:15pm
Baker Park Loop 4 to 7 Miles
Meet at Maple Plain Snap Fitness at 6:15pm and we will head out for a loop around Baker Park. If you don't want to make the whole loop you can always do an out and back. Afterwards we will grab some popcorn and have a few laughs.

Wednesday 4-8-15 6:00pm Core/Abs, 6:30pm Cardio
Maple Plain Snap Fitness
Join us for some great core/abs work followed by a fun cardio class. Both classes are fast paced and include plenty of laughs and fun! You don't have to be a Snap Member to join in on the fun. And a side note; its taco Wednesday, just sayin........

Thursday 4-9-15 Noon
Meet at Maple Plain Snap Fitness at noon and we will head out for a loop around Baker Park. If you don't want to make the whole loop you can always do an out and back for as many miles or time as you would like.

Friday 4-10-15 7:30am
Dakota Trail in Mound. Plan on an easy out and back of 6 miles or so. Its nice and flat and a great shake-out run before the weekend. Meet in the Walgreen's parking lot at 7:30am.

Saturday 4-11-15 8:00am
Run details to follow........
Zumbro Bottoms Trail Races 17M, 50M and 100M
Heading out to spectate and volunteer where needed. Car pool and plans to follow...