Monday, May 25, 2015

Week of 5-25-15to 5-30-15, Don't miss the fun!!

Memorial Week
5-25-15 to 5-30-15

Tuesday 5-26-15
Endless Summer Begins or Mound Dakota Trail
There are a few folks headed to the first Endless Summer Trail Race. They are meeting at the Mound Anytime Fitness at 3:45 to car pool. Then stopping at the Best Buy in Eden Prairie to pick up some more folks.
If you are not going to the ESTR meet at the Carbonie's parking lot at 6:15pm for an out and back on the Dakota Trail. 

Wednesday 5-27-15
Snap Fitness Maple Plain 6:00pm and 6:30pm
Core/Abs at 6:00pm and Circuit Training at 6:30pm
Always a great time!!

More times and dates to follow. There will be a day time run on Thursday and Friday and we always have a Saturday run someplace!!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Week of FUN!! 5-11-15 to 5-16-15

Tuesday Delano RUNNING and Fun!!
5-12-15 6:30pm
Lake Rebecca Park in Delano
Fun little paved path action! Do an out and back or the 5.75 loop or go crazy and do the 7.5 loop!!! It's all good! Bring friends! Afterwards the plan is to head to Daves Town Club in Delano! Free popcorn and yummy food!

Wednesday Core/Abs and Cardio/Circuit Class
5-13-15 6:00pm and 6:30pm
Maple Plain Snap Fitness
Join us for sweaty fun and a few laughs. The Core/Abs class is super popular because; who can't use some core and abs work?!?! Right?!?! The Cardio/Circuit is a hoot if you like hard work and sweat!! Great time had at both! If you are up for a run after the Core/Abs class I am sure there you could trick a few people into a Baker Park Loop, just sayin!! And don't forget it's $1 tacos at Monie's on Wednesday night, just sayin, sayin!

Thursday Morning Run
5-14-15 8:00am
Meet at Maple Plain Snap Fitness and we will figure out where everyone wants to run. We can stay and do the Baker Park Loop (or part of it) or car pool to a local trail.

Saturday Nature Trail Run
5-15-15 8:00am
Lowry Nature Center in Victoria
Meet in the main parking lot at 8:00am for a great trail run. Gravel or wood chips and plenty of fun. A few little hills here and there and best of all there are NOT many bugs yet!! Yay!! Bring friends for even more fun! Afterwards I am sure Floyd's will make room for us.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Week of 5-4-15 to 5-9-15

Week of 5-4-15 to 5-9-15

Tuesday Run and Fun
5-5-15, 6:15pm

Carbone's in Mound
Dakota Trail Run

Wednesday Core/Abs Cardio
5-6-15, 6:00pm and 6:30pm

Snap Fitness Maple Plain
Fun and Fun and Fun
Popcorn and Tacos afterward

Thursday Mid Day

Saturday 8:00am