Monday, April 17, 2017

The Week Ahead 4-17-17 thru 4-23-17

The Week Ahead
4-17-17 thru 4-23-17

Tuesday 4-18-17 6:00pm It's going to be a super Grumpy night. Or Grumpy's in St. Boni anyway. Before Grumpy's happens what say we get a few miles in on the Dakota Trail. Meet at the ped bridge by highway 7 in the parking lot by St. Boni town hall. We will do a few out and back.

Thursday 4-20-17 TBD
Saturday 4-22-17 8:30am Lowry Nature Center in Victoria. Mike found a new route that needs to be checked out. There's paved, there's wood chips, there's even a bit of meadow grass trails. Afterwards I bet there will be a group headed to Floyd's. 

Saturday 4-22-17 is also Trail Mix at Lake Rebecca by Delano. And remember there are lots to pick from. 50K, 25K, 12.5K Relays. All sorts of fun to be had!!

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